Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Straight Goods News

Straight Goods News is a canadian online independent news source published in 2000. The front page has subheadings similar to a newspaper. Local News, World News, Science, Humor, Editorials and Cartoons.

This week they are focusing on Earth Week and tailoring most of their content to have an environmental spin on it, "UN to debate Nature's rights, Parliament of Fouls, veggie virginity, Mexican union victory, potash royalties, Libya as weapons showroom, defining NATO, and much more..." 

Besides the World News section they are very focused on providing content for Canadians.

The reporter model is similar to Huffington Post where they have contributing writers and bloggers who provide most of the content. There are only three paid staff members including the publisher, editor and web master.

Their revenue comes from their 30 shareholders and paid subscriptions ranging from $15 to $95. Ads also attribute to their revenue and I like that they place them near the bottom or to one side. It doesn't distract a reader from the important content. They have ads promoting public works such as the United Steelworkers and Public Values.

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