Thursday, April 21, 2011

Panos London

In searching for a topic for our final project I found this organization who promotes media and communication projects for people in poverty and those disenfranchised.  Panos London "promotes dialogue, debate and change" by telling the stories about development and stories of the effects of forced immigration, climate change, economic struggles, improving media coverage and empowering the oppressed.

The website is funded through grants from organizations such as World Bank Institute, Department for International Development Cooperation (MFA Finland), Department of Health UK, European Commission and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The media group has helped, in 2009, 40 journalists in 27 countries to report on climate change. Also, empowered citizen journalists with exploring the benefits of mobile phones and pushing countries to address poverty as a main issue in the media' agenda. 

In one article they addressed was Uganda's elections and the corruption in rigging the polls. Another article discusses a Tibetan man's experience as a political prisoner for 27 years in China. 

This site is able to provide journalism from the voices inside the countries giving new perspectives on situations and events that isn't apart of the mainstream media. This organizations goals are too empower people to speak out about oppression, which is a difficult task especially when in poverty and trying to feed their families. Exploring the issues and cases of disenfranchisement is a result of globalization and richer countries taking advantage of weaker one. The global economy plays a big role in effecting social, economical, political success or failure around the world. The ease of technology and trade has enabled every country to participate in another countries decisions and actions. 

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