Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hip 2 Save

While my mother was in graduate school her friend use to clip coupons out of the newspaper and fill drawers with them in the 80s.  She was the "master saver"  and never paid for anything without a coupon. It has been over 20 years since my mother say her friend and because of another social network site, LinkedIn, she was able to reconnect. Apparently, her graduate friend has turned in her scissors for a printer and used various sites including Hip2Save to find her coupons. She gets so many free items that she sends boxes of cereal with her kids to school to hand out to the teachers.

Hip 2 Save is a coupon website. An the electronic version of the Sunday newspaper where homemakers can clip, or in this case print out, coupons. It's founder was a mother who started blogging to gain encouragement to be more frugal. With three kids and one income from her husband she decided to clip coupons and find ways to save. She started sharing the coupons online in 2008 and got a great response.

Especially in this current economic state and gas prices on the rise everyone is looking to save a $1 here and there. It is a great niche idea that has hit home with families and friends. 

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