Monday, April 4, 2011

The Dominion

The Dominion is a grassroots news organization published monthly.
Beginning in May 2003 it aims to provide “accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to its readers and the subjects it tackles.” It’s named after “Canada's official status as both a colony and a colonial force.”
Newspaper articles investigate politics, culture and daily life. Most contributors are citizen journalists providing content. However, the paper has a few experienced journalists and many editors. Editors and reporters pride themselves on the paper’s model as creating articles for the public good and not to maximize profits as the majority of other Canadian papers do.
The paper was formed from Canada’s media cooperative; it is owned and controlled by its subscribers and donors. Monthly payments are on average $20 for each subscriber. The Dominion supports itself on reader support and not advertisers. They also have received a few grants over the years to continue to publish the paper both online and in print.
Several issues are extensively covered offering background and historical context including the war in Afghanistan, global climate change and research in Haiti.
The Dominion claims, “we are biased towards the perspectives of those most affected by events, government policy and corporate activity.”

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