Friday, March 25, 2011

Handling New Media

The internet has allowed everyone to be a form of journalist and this is causing issues. The press gets special privileges including attending some private meetings, events and hearings. But what happens when everyone is a journalist?

An article discussing an incident at one of Oregon's executive sessions suggested there needs to a law which states the definition of media. A blogger wanted to be able to sit in on one of theses sessions with the rest of the press, but he was asked to leave.

New media has created outlets for everyone to be involved in creating news from someone sending in a photo of an event to submitting an opinion piece to a news website to just blogging about it. The article also addresses the issue "What is news?" They are right. Is a Tweet news? A Facebook status? And who decides this.

I think these are fair questions to ask, which will only get more complicated as the internet evolves. We need to address these issues and their implications now.

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