Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Analyzing Go Fug Yourself

I am most amazed at what our society finds important. And the blog is no exception.

It is the simplest concepts and rakes in a revenue of an estimated $6,240 a month. The site is a place where the bloggers post photos of celebrities and mock their clothes, make up and hair. The content is limitied to a few short sentances and then a poll for readers to interact. Yet, they have 3.5 million unique visitors a month.

The site itself is laid out like a blog — just one continuous stream of bad outfits and criticizing comments. The humorous photos themselves are what draws the viewer's attention and keeps them reading.

Advertisers fund the site including clothing, food, and beauty product ads.

The site's content isn't advocating for human rights, political issues, or other major issues facing our world, but it's a great idea with fun, interesting, engaging and creative content.

With an ever increasingly short attention spanned society who wants the cliff-notes to life, a site that can produce a simple and humorous outlet will come out on top. And for GoFugYourself this is what makes them so successful.

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