Thursday, February 3, 2011

News 21

News 21 is an impressive independent media site. Each topic covered by each institution is researched, investigated and displayed with extreme care and professionalism. This site really showcases the next generation’s talent and the use of multi-media.

This would be a great outlet for the Ithaca community to get involved with. Especially if Ithaca College students were able to invest their energy in building a page discussing a unique issue  to our region.  One feature not being discussed amongst the schools is the issue of poverty in America. It is highlighted as one of the under pinning reason for overcrowding in prisons in “Califonia’s Convict Cycle.”

Also there is the issue of sex trafficking, slavery and prostitution. Much discussion about whether is should be legalized or decriminalized. I feel the site is a great source of topics not always covered in mainstream media news and I would love to see it expanded. 

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